Timber Frame

Construct & Conserve operates a timber frame division and are proud members of the Timber Framers Guild. Our timber frame services include: timber frame homes, smaller timber frame structures or decorative gables & accents. We provide 3D renderings for clients prior to construction, with detailed design joinery. 

The majority of our timber frame work is done in Douglas Fir and Eastern White Pine, handpicked from one of our reputable suppliers.

Our shop is a hand cut shop, run by craftsman with the experience and love for their trade. They manufacture everything as if it was their own and take pride in what they produce .

We are a speciality shop and cut larger timber with accuracy similar to a fine woodworker. To manufacture precisely and efficiently the proper tools are required for the job: speciality square, 2” chisel, Mafal bandsaw, Makita planer, protocol drill guide and 16 skill saw.

All our joinery is done in our shop and test fitted for precision prior to shipping and construction. We connect our joinery with custom octagonal 7/8” oak dowels.

We also provide a full service stain division if you require a protective coating or a pre-finished colour applied to your wood before shipping.

Proud Member of the:

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Custom Woodworking

Looking to have a custom woodworking project completed? Construct & Conserve has a full service shop to create beautiful works of art including: Custom live edge furniture, custom wood accents and custom wood trim


Full Service Woodworking Shop